The QGS of the International Doctoral School

The Quality Guarantee System of the International Doctoral School has a centralised nature, this is, for all the official PhD programmes in the School, being ours one of these.


Quality Policy and Objectives

The Quality Policy of the International Doctoral School arises from the importance of consolidating a quality culture in the university area, so it is considered as a strategic factor to succeed on having the competences, abilities and skills of the graduated students recognised in their academic, professional and social fields.

  • To keep an education offer in tune with the needs and expectations of the society, in order to consolidate high quality levels in the programmes, without renouncing the academic foundations of the University based on the development of knowledge, of critical spirit, of analytical and reflection capacities.
  • To achieve the national and international acknowledge of teaching quality through the achievement of the associated goals and the academic indicators, being especially relevant those related with the satisfaction of the stakeholders.
  • To facilitate the spread of the culture of quality and continuous training in quality for the academic staff, for the service and administration staff and for the students, promoting the effectiveness and the continuity of the linked systems and processes.
  • To ensure the implementation, development and monitoring of the Quality Guarantee System and the processes linked to the quality affecting the International Doctoral School and the PhD Programmes.
  • To take a permanent commitment with the continuous improvement as a behaviour rule, and to propose the necessary actions to keep and improve quality.

  • To certify the Programmes linked to the International Doctoral School.
  • To improve the satisfaction of the students in a PhD Programme through a direct and individual assistance which promotes their progress, prevents the abandonment, improves their academic results and places them in an advantageous competitive position for their employability and their insertion in the field of research.
  • To improve the satisfaction of the different agents linked to the PhD programme, creating a trust and safe atmosphere.
  • To consolidate and enlarge the international collaboration network, especially in the context of the cross-frontier Euroregion, Hispanic America and the Lusophone community, through the collaboration with universities and other higher education institutions.
  • To promote the international students recruitment.
  • To achieve the Quality Guarantee System design certification for the International Doctoral School.


Quality Manual

It is the main document in the Quality Guarantee System, which presents the quality policy and objectives, as well as their scope, organisational and responsibility structures in terms of quality.

In addition to this, it presents the operating processes of the QGS (and the describing procedures).

In includes several annexes, which can be updated independently of the manual..

Quality Manual


Quality procedures

The procedures describe the operating processes of the QGS, this is, the activities developed and their responsibilities. They develop and complement the quality manual and can include annexes.
They incorporate references to the processes results and indicators which enable to analyse the data to take the timely decisions.
Their management is described in detail in the procedure «XD-01: Document Control».